7 responses to “WalMart Steaks: All Fizzle, No Sizzle”

  1. rachel

    Our Walmart got rid of their fresh seafood and meat department and now has only that line of steaks and they are horrible. It wasn’t just the ones y’all got. They are awful.
    I buy either at HEB or a meat market from now on.
    Glad they refunded your money and that the rest of your stuff wasn’t bunk.

  2. Robin

    I try to avoid shopping at WalMart if possible, but have put a permanent ban on their meat and produce altogether. I learned that the way they keep their prices low on meat and fish is to raise the animals out of the country in substandard conditions … how else can they sell salmon so cheap.

  3. Nohell

    This doesn’t have anything to do with steaks and it’s barely Wal-Mart related but…Did you hear about the 4-year-old girl shooting herself in a Columbia, S.C. Sam’s Club after fishing a pistol out of her grandmother’s purse? Granny had a concealed weapon permit and unless there’s a warning sign outside a business to tell people not to bring their weapons inside, then it’s OK to pack a pistol in the store. As one woman said, “It was an accident but an accident waiting to happen.”

  4. Amy

    I did the same thing and to me it was just pretty packaging on their old, tired, tasteless meat. Bummer! I didn’t think to take it back, stupid me!

  5. Kait

    Thank goodness for Walmart’s great return policy. That’s helped me out a lot in the past… I bet you felt a lot better after getting your money back 🙂

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  6. Jamie

    Savvy Dad said the meat tasted “gamey.”

    It just had an odd flavor…it looked wonderful, but had a horrible taste, like it was a bad cut of meat. Someone asked me if I thought it had been frozen and then thawed out. I don’t know…but we won’t buy steaks from WalMart again.

    Jamies last blog post..OK, So You Can Be Too Blonde And Too Thin

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