6 responses to “The Perfect Pea Coat”

  1. Elisabeth

    I love pea coats because you can dress them up and down. That green one is very tempting!

  2. EG

    I love kelly green, so I like the first one!

    But my favorite is my orange wool pea coat that my husband got me a few years ago. It’s a GORGEOUS color of orange.

  3. Anash

    that i so simple and classy

  4. Suzanne H

    I love the houndstooth one! So cute! Thanks for the links!

  5. Nicole Vosburgh

    I have always wanted a pea coat! These are gorgeous! The gray animal print one is my favorite!

  6. Jessi Likey

    My sister has a houndstooth pea coat. She can have an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans underneath but still look so chic. I love it.

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