170 responses to “Take Bag Lady To A Whole New Level”

  1. Michele Halaby

    Really cutting down on buying bottled water. Even though we recycle our bottles and cans, we have really tried to stick with filtered tap water put in reusable water bottles instead.

  2. Buddy Garrett

    I have started a compost pile for our household garbage.

  3. Joe

    I love to recycle my glass jars and recycle grocery shopping bags.

  4. Meredith Rowe

    I have started bringing my own cloth bags to the grocery store, instead of using paper or plastic.

  5. joy northrop

    i reuse my bags all the time.

  6. sharon

    not using plastic water bottles and recycling are two big steps we are taking

  7. A Casson

    We reuse recycle and reduce in any ways we can.

  8. Heather

    We have made so many changes over the year but related to the totes we always use our cloth bags for shopping now. I keep fifteen in the trunk (different sizes and uses) and I keep one in my purse for quick trips.

  9. Pamela White

    I take my plastic bags to the local library where others can reuse them to carry checked out items home. This helps keep bags from going to landfills and protects books from the frequent rain we have here in the northwest.

  10. kathy pease

    we bought grocery totes from our local store..NO MORE PLASTIC..YIPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. Pat

    I am recycling all my #1 and #2 plastics and also glass.

  12. Sylvia Porter

    i bring my own tote bags to the grocery store since we have like a million of them!

  13. Suanne Giddings

    Natural cleansers like vinegar and baking soda do a great job without harming the planet. I use reusable grocery bags, recycle and compost and try to conserve gas by driving “smart” and driving much less.
    Another reason for me to win is that my initials for my maiden name are SKN.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  14. Beverly Metcalf

    I’ve replaced all my light bulbs with the low voltage ones and they are just as good as the old ones and I think they last longer. I’ve been taking my own shopping bags to the store, lately, too, and I’m trying to recyle a lot more, so I have less garbage.

  15. Stacie Ruyle

    I bought a new energy-saving washing machine and I have 2 reuseasble totes which I absolutely LOVE!! They are so sturdy and not as heavy as full plastic bags. Other than being eco-friendly, of course 🙂 I would love more totes to use for my entire grocery shopping.

  16. Janet

    We recycle as much as we can.

  17. Susanne Troop


  18. Kristen Hendricks

    One step I’ve made to be eco-friendly is I’ve been using less electricity and not driving when I don’t have to. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  19. Charlene Kuser

    When we walk out of a room the lights go off,and
    we use energy efficient bulbs.Please enter me and thanks for the giveaway

  20. Donna Kozar

    I recycle.

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