Kids Love Tennessee: Travel Guide Review

Kids Love Travel Book Kids Love Tennessee: Travel Guide Review

It’s amazing to me how many things there are to do as a family in my own home state. We haven’t gone on a family vacation this year, but we’ve kept really busy with our girls doing fun family outings in Nashville.

Authors George and Michele Zavatsky sent me their Kids Love Tennessee travel guide for families. It’s filled with “kid-tested” destinations that are must see attractions for families in my home state.

The book is well-organized into six helpful geographical areas: West, Middle, Eastern Middle, South East, North East, and Middle East. For each destination listed there are helpful directions, contact information (such as phone and website), hours of operation, and admission prices. I also love that the photos used throughout the book feaure the Zavatsky’s own two children! You could easily find 50 to 100 things to do within an hour or two’s drive of your own home.

I love the tips the authors include at the beginning of Kids Love Tennessee on how to make family adventures run smoothly. Here are just a few:

  • Consider the child’s age before deciding to take a visit
  • Know directions and parking. Call ahead (or visit the company’s website)…
  • Call ahead for reservations or details, if necessary.
  • Estimate the duration of the trip. Bring small surprises (favorite juice  boxes) travel books, and toys.
  • Plan picnics along the way. Many state history sites and state parks are scattered throughout Tennessee. Allow time for a rural/sceienic route to take advantage of these free picnic facilities.

The back of the 240-page book has a helpful section listing festivals, as well as a list organized by subject (such as history, museums, outdoor exploring, and the arts) for educators.

Authors George and Michele Zavatsky have been doing what is now in vogue for years…”daycationing.” For many families traveling this year, a day trip is an economic, fun way to travel without spending an exorbitant amount of hotel accommodations or airfare.

The Kids Love Travel book series includes several state guides. Take a look at the Kids Love Travel website to see all those available. Kids Love Tennessee is now on sale for $11.95.