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  1. Bluegrass Mama

    No Publix here, but I’ve already bought half my limit on the Kroger cards since I do most of my shopping there, anyway. I usually reload a card I bought through my daughter’s school that gives us 3-point-something percent on an account to use for school-related costs, but the 10% deal was too good to pass up. I must confess, though, that with so much sitting on my card, I’ve probably spent more than I might have otherwise.

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  2. Sweetpeas

    When stores do deals like this I take the opportunity to stock up on other sale items (that are a good deal & we will use before they go bad) or things like dry beans (if other stores aren’t enough cheaper to counter-act the savings). If I have to buy things I wouldn’t normally buy, or at higher prices than I can get them elsewhere, then it wouldn’t be worth it for me

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