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  1. Katharina

    When I found out that there were certain items my daughter hated folding while enjoying others, I just made a list for her of which things were her responsibility to fold. It’s worked very well and laundry-time help hasn’t been an issue since. 🙂
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  2. Katharina

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  3. KellyH

    I “encourage” the kids to help first by putting their own clothes away. Then I start with them folding and putting away towels, helping carry things from the clothesline, sort laundry, and eventually, doing loads themselves. We also have lots of laundry with a famiily of 5 sometimes 6, so having the kids help out lets them take part in some of the responsibility of family life, and also helps them get ready for doing their own later!


  4. Kris

    bribes work (allowance, or that toy they really want), and routinely instilling the idea that a clean house is better than one filled with dirty old junk
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  5. Kris

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  6. Megan

    My daughter’s not quite 2, but she enjoys putting clothes in the laundry basket (and pulling them out!)
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  8. jennifer horn

    My daughters all help with laundry as part of their daily chores. Even the 2 yr old helps by putting up towels, socks, etc. They get an allowance for helping out.

  9. jennifer horn

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  10. Karen Reyes

    I have 3 boys, ages 17, 6 and 3. The 17 year old washes his own clothes now, but I’m pretty sure they don’t get folded. 🙂 My 6 and 3 year old boys love to help me fold their clothes because they’re small enough for their hands and easier to fold than my clothes or my husbands. They also help me sort the socks and love to see who can sort the fastest.

  11. Karen Reyes

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  12. Rebecca Goernandt

    My children are both pretty small, but they help me by always putting their clothes in the dirty hamper. Then when I hang the clothes out to dry they help me by handing me the next article of clothing to hang up and handing me the clothespins.

  13. Rebecca Goernandt

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  14. Christy

    I fold the laundry and put it outside their bedrooms in the hall for them to be responsible in putting it all away. During the summer, they help fold some loads of laundry during the week to help out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Julie L

    Yes my kids help out with laundry by doing their own which is a tremendous help

  16. Julie L

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  17. Jody H

    My kids help a little with the laundry, but I need to get them to help more. They each have regular chores they do, but I do the laundry for the most part.
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  18. Jody H

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  19. Jody H

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  20. CherylS22

    It’s just my husband & I and he does help with the laundry – up to a point! He’ll usually do his work clothes, but everything else is my responsibility.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. CherylS22

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  22. bethany

    I have my 10 year old put away her own clothes.

  23. bethany

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  24. JamericanSpice

    I have little ones, so at this time. They help out with putting their dirty in the laundry basket and after washing, they help folding and putting away. They love to help out now so it’s no fuss.

  25. Mari

    I do the laundry during the week, but I expect my foster son to help once a week, on Saturday. I do not want him to end up like my male relatives, who weren’t taught how to do laundry, or cook or clean up after themselves!
    He is involved in activities during the week, so I don’t expect him to contribute during the week. When he came to live with us he was close to being held back for another year in school, so we focused on his academics rather than emphasizing chores. Now that he is caught up, we do expect him to do chores.
    What works for us is to with hold his computer games unless he helps with laundry. That usually does the trick!

  26. Mari

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  27. Mari

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  28. Theresa J

    After numerous times of finding my children’s just cleaned laundry in the dirty laundry hamper (without having been worn), I finally made them each responsible for doing their own laundry, and even assigned a specific day that they had to do their laundry on. Now if they have nothing clean it’s their own fault! Of course they are teenagers so are fully capable of doing their own.

  29. Carmen Q.

    My 5 year old helps me fold the laundry

  30. Carmen Q.

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  31. ginger4fl

    over the years I have learned the best way is to the cloths out of the dryer while they are still quite warm fold them up fast and later when you use them they always have that just out of the dryer smell,and no wrinkles thanks, arm & hammer has been a part of my like for 53yrs love their products

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