98 responses to “Six Savvy Uses For Fabric Softener Sheets (And A Visa Gift Card Giveaway)”

  1. Jewels for Hope
  2. Jewels for Hope
  3. carey

    If you rub it on your clothes they will help keep bugs away

  4. Denise McDonough

    I keep them under my mattress! it keeps bed bugs away they say! and keeps my room smelling fresh 🙂

  5. Denise McDonough

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  7. Mary Joy Argo

    I crumple them up and put them in sneakers to keep them smelling fresh.

  8. jennifer horn

    I put them in my daughters sports bags and their athletic shoes.

  9. jennifer horn

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  10. Charlene Canfield

    I like to keep a dryer sheet in my drawers with my clean clothes. Helps them to keep that clean smell.

  11. Charlene Canfield

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  12. Charlene Canfield

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  13. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama

    I like to used fabric sheets (already used) to dust, usually my dryer. 🙂

    I also like to use a brand new one if I have some static cling. It works in a jiffy by just rubbing it on the inside of the clothing. Just don’t rub too much.

  14. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore
  15. Laura P.

    As odd as it may sound, you can rub a fresh fabric softener sheet across your head to help tame static in your hair.

  16. Laura P.

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  17. Carol F

    My favorite tip is that you can remove soap scum from shower doors. I am going to go try that now.
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  18. Stephanie Phelps

    I use them in my clothes draws and closets to keep everything smelling fresh!

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  21. Terri P.

    One of my favorite uses for the fabric softener sheets is to stick one in the toilet paper roll. Each time you spin, it releases a little freshness into the bathroom.

  22. Terri P.

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  23. Robyn Ely
  24. Robyn Ely
  25. Georgia

    Freshen the air in your car – Place a sheet under the seats of your car. Love it, I am going to do this for sure!

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  31. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore
  32. Lauren Garrett

    I love putting them in my drawers and in my trashcan!!

  33. Leigh Bright

    I use them to wipe off my television screen….and if I think of it, I tuck one in my pocket when I am outside after sunset–they help repel mosquitoes!

  34. Leigh Bright

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  35. tina page

    I love the idea of adding it to our camping gear!

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  38. Julie L

    I like tip 3 about removing soap scum

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  40. Nathalee Ghafouri

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  41. Mari

    I like Tip #4, using a sheet to deorderize camping gear.

  42. Mari

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  44. Charity S

    My favorite tip is : 3. Remove soap scum from shower doors, walls, soap holders, etc. – Simply wet it like a wash cloth, squeeze out the excess liquid and wipe away.

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    charity s

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  47. Marlene Breakfield

    I sometimes put dryer sheets in drawers to keep the clothes smelling fresh.

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