simplehuman Launches New Addictive Products (And One Addictive Facebook Game)

simplehuman is one of my favorite brands. I love their sleek, well-designed products for the home. Also I may or may not have drooled at their sensor trash cans during a sneak peak of Nashville’s new Container Store. Seriously, who knew that trash receptacles could be hip?

The nice folks at simplehuman sent us a brushed nickel automatic soap dispenser last year that has a permanent home in our bathroom and this year they’ve introduced a great lineup of soaps (as well as new soap dispensers) specifically made for their uber cool soap dispensers. The liquid hand soap comes in three scents: neutral, cucumber and aloe, and lavender and vitamin e, as well as a dish soap formula. I’ll be reviewing a couple of these new simplehuman products in a few weeks.

Facebook game simplehuman Launches New Addictive Products (And One Addictive Facebook Game)


In the meantime check out the fun (and oh so slightly addictive) Made For Each  Other memory matching game on Facebook simplehuman launched to help kick off the introduction of four new soap dispensers. If you’re a high scorer you could score some simplehuman prizes! But hurry, the game is live only until Nov. 21. Hey, look at it this way. It will give you something to pass the time away at work until next week’s short holiday week!

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  1. It’s funny you mentioned the trash cans ’cause when I saw “SimpleHuman” I thought, “awesome trashcans.” It’s the little things, I guess.
    EG´s last blog post .."Camping"

  2. Wow, I just saw the leaderboard and people are matching it in 6 seconds! That is crazy. It is addictive though ;)

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