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  3. Agata

    I sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda into my sink, scrub lightly with a brush and it leaves it sparkling clean!

  4. Helena Rico

    Use 1/2 cup Arm and Hammer baking soda in a bucket of warm water to clean title floors!


  5. Helena Rico

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  9. Donna L

    I leave an open box in my fridge to absorb food smells.

  10. Rochelle

    My best tip using baking soda is to pour baking soda down the drain, then pour white vinegar down afterwards to bust any clogs. Let is sit for five minutes, then run hot water for a few minutes. It works great and is natural. Thanks!

  11. Rochelle
  12. Rochelle

    Left a comment at http://blondemomshops.com/soul-surfer-perfect-family-night-dvd/
    I want to see this movie.

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  15. Think Outside The Box With Arm & Hammer ($25 VISA Gift Card Giveaway)

    […] baking soda and I’ve mentioned how I use it to clean my bathtub and you wonderful readers submitted your own ideas for using this hard working product. The next time I put together a first home or first apartment […]

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