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  1. EG

    My kid is only 1, but I just want to chime in that I think school uniforms in public school is a FANTASTIC idea. Win-Win-Win for the teachers, parents, and students (even though the students wouldn’t admit it).

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  3. Jennifer A.

    I also like Kohl’s for uniforms. I don’t buy anything but jumpers and gym uniforms from the uniform company

  4. Bonnie Sayers (autismfamily)

    I am going to check out the ebay uniform section. I did not know they had that. I am in Los Angeles and in one day I received the shirts I bought from


    Their prices are great plus super fast svc. I am still waiting on what the gym uniform is so I can prepare my son.

    I was discussing with his assistant yesterday (my son is on autism spectrum and nonverbal) I said he needs to find out what colors to avoid and asked him if the school district (LAUSD) told him he had to wear certain clothes. Nothing that he knows of, but if kids have to wear a uniform I would think there may be rules for aides on what not to wear, etc.

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  7. Alexa

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  8. Val

    I personally despise the idea of children being forced to wear uniforms in public schools for a whole host of reasons, regardless, our school district has made it mandatory this year. I’ve been having so much trouble finding the sizes we need in local stores, and was trying to find something online. Thank you very much for your links, we were finally able to find the styles my daughter would like, and for reasonable prices, so that helps ease the discomfort of being forced to wear the same ugly thing in the same ugly colors day in and day out. So sad to me that we’re prove ourselves to be hypocrites teaching our children the value of diversity all the while we homogenise them.

  9. jessica

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