10 responses to “Savvy Savings In The Laundry Room”

  1. Dana West

    Great tips! We bought our washer and dryer for a quarter of the price at a scratch and dent store. They were never used and almost perfect condition! I was thrilled! The only dent was on the back! Thanks!!

  2. ernestine

    Your mama taught you well…..

  3. Busy Mom

    We’re looking into high efficiency appliances, and there’s never a problem having full loads!

  4. Thabal

    Just entered the Sweepstakes. Thanks!

  5. mzzterry

    I had to buy a new washer last month because ours died & I can’t believe how great my new one is….I almost enjoy doing the laundry now! Great tips you shared here 😉

  6. Kelly B

    Great tips. I live in a very dusty area so I can’t line dry without my clothes looking worse than they did when I washed them, but I will definitely look for a wooden drying rack. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jody H

    I loved your tips for saving money on the laundry. My only problem with the front loaders is the the washer frequently stinks. I heard there’s a product I can get that will take care of it. I think it’s called afresh or refresh or something. Hopefully it will help.

  8. Mari

    In the summer, I like to dry clothes outside on the clothesline also! It’s energy saved by not using the dryer, plus stubborn stains may be bleached out by the sun.

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  10. Christina anne d.

    THanks for the laundry tips! I especially like the tip of washing clothes in cold water…i’m wondering if that is easier on our clothing too:)?

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