Ragu Long Day of Childhood Amex Gift Card Giveaway

This giveaway is closed. The winner is LAMusing who commented, “grade school where I spent the entire day trying to keep my tights from rolling down around my knees. I was embarrassed and exhausted by th end of the day LOL.”

Ragu is a favorite with so many busy families because it is easy to whip up a sit down pasta dinner and make even a long, hard day as a kid seem special.

Ragu wants to hear from you and your Long Day of Childhood stories; check them out on Facebook and start sharing. Their newest campaign slogan is, “A long day of childhood calls for America’s favorite pasta sauce.” Of course as a kid those embarrassing moments that seem so mortifyingly end of the world epic while they are happening turn into hilarious “do you remember the time” fodder years later.

One long day of childhood of mine in particular stands out for me. I remember being a pom pom girl in 5th grade and falling in front of the ENTIRE school during a pep rally routine. How embarrassing!




And we won’t even talk about the sadistic 7th grade P.E. teacher I had who made us choreograph aerobic dance routines to perform in the gym in front of the school.


Here’s just one of the hilarious Ragu ads created for this campaign (poor kid!)

Want to win a $25 Amex gift card and two coupons good for free Ragu products? Simply leave a comment below sharing one of your own “long day of childhood” stories from your own youth (or a story from one of your own kids.)

For up to five additional entries (please leave a new and separate comment on this post for each of these you do):

I’ll select a winner from all eligible comments using Random.org; giveaway closes at midnight CST Thursday, October 25. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents, ages 18 and up.

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  3. Neiddy Ruiz

    When I was in high school I used to have the same shoes style on two different colors, black and brown. One time I was all asleep getting ready for school and in a hurry because I didn’t wanted to be late. When I got to school my best friend told me, Hey are you trying to start a new fashion trend or what? And she started laughing, I was all puzzled wondering what she was talking about. She pointed to my feet and OMG I was wearing a black and a brown shoe. I was praying that no one would noticed. Longest Day Ever! Now that I think about it it was funny, back then I wanted to put a bag over my head so no one would knew it was me.

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  9. Deb C

    When the teacher read my personal note to a friend aloud to the whole class, THAT was a long day.

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  16. Mary Cloud

    The day I got sick at school and was so weak I could only crawl around on the school bathroom floor

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  17. Harriett Daniel

    Oh, my longest day is when i waste milk on my shirt and had to wear it like that all day long!

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  21. Sherry Conrad

    My brother had the mumps, the house had to be dark and there were no kids shows on (in the 60s). LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day.

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  28. Trisha McKee

    My daughter tripped off the bus in front of the older boys. She got in the car and was crying out, “The big kids saw! The big kids saw!” when she tripped again. And all I could do was laugh! Long kid day and bad mommy moment!

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  33. Rosey

    Finding out my teacher was dating the teacher in the next room over in elementary school. It made my teacher real instead of just our teacher, lol

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  37. Roxann

    My long day was when I got stung by a wasp on my hand in school. I was supposed to have organ lessons that night but of course with my swollen hurting hand I couldn’t.

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  40. Sand

    Mine would be the day I was locked out of the house because I forgot my key in the locker and I was a latch key kid and my mom didn’t come home for four hours.

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