336 responses to “Primo Water Giveaway”

  1. Catherine KingChuparkoff

    Aquafina or Dasani are common brands for us.

  2. karla martins


  3. djgroz


  4. Cameren Rau

    Chicago has pretty good tap water but when I do get bottled water it’s generally a generic brand like Walgreens.

  5. reeva

    i usually buy deerpark water

  6. anne s.

    we buy poland springs…

  7. Carolsue

    Usually I buy Arrowhead bottled water, but it just depends on what is on sale.

  8. Michelle L

    We usually take Deer Park from the water cooler in our home.

  9. A Casson

    Store brand … thanksssss

  10. Dee

    USUALLY we get deer park…but we’ve had all the others here too!

  11. Gary Emes

    deer park

  12. Suanne Giddings

    We usually buy the store brand bottled water unless I have a good coupon or if another brand is on sale (or both). I now need to watch out for the types of bottles they use! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  13. Shannon
  14. Kevin Elliott

    I normally buy my family Aquafina.

  15. Victoria Kondovski

    I usually buy Purlife

  16. michael woods

    Ordinarily, it would be Dasani

  17. dani

    I buy whatever water is on sale.

  18. Eileen Wolter

    We usually buy Nestle Purelife!


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  19. Tammy

    We usually buy Ice Mountain.

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  20. Donna F.

    We normally buy Dasani bottled water.

  21. Tammy Greer

    I usually buy Aquafina water. We always buy the case of 24 bottles.

  22. vicki lorenz

    Smart water is the best, but I usually buy Kroger brand water bottles.

  23. Betty C

    I don’t use a lot of bottled water but when I do it is usually Ice Mountain.

  24. Toni

    We buy Nestle or Sam’s Club brand.

  25. Donna Kozar

    Aquafina is my favorite.

  26. Marie Noguerole

    I don’t buy bottled water often but when I do it is usually Dasani.

  27. Brenda Howard

    normally buy Dannon bottled water. Would love to give this a try! Thanks

  28. Debbie B.

    I usually buy Dasani if it is on sale otherwise I get ozarka = i haven’t seen Primo in my stores – would love to give it a try

  29. L Knott

    I love Fuji water in bottle. Buy the store brand when have to bit do let myself have a treat now and then!Thanks for the WIN!!

  30. Melanie Miller

    I buy Poland Spring usually unless another brand is on sale.

  31. Michelle H.

    Usually, it’s Arrowhead.

  32. Samantha Pruitt

    we usually just drink tap water

  33. Richard B

    I buy whatever is cheapest.

  34. Shari Bowen

    Poland springs, I guess

  35. Deb Klein

    We buy all different kinds of water but I think that Aquafina is our favorite!Thanks for the contest!

  36. Elizabeth Ray


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