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Visit me at BlondeMomBlog, the mommy blogĀ  I launched in October 2005 as a creative outlet, virtual margarita kind of place. It’s one of the top three Google search results for “mom blog” and I’m kind of proud of that ya’ll. I was also recently the Southern Living magazine Healthy Living Blog’s Southern Mama Blogger of the Week.

4 responses to “Visit My Mom Blog”

  1. Ian Heimbigner

    I like your blog thankss for the contests

  2. Timothy Leary Byrnes

    This is my first time here, but I am blondish, and my boys are blonde and their sister is strawberry blonde.

    I’ll be back!


  3. Lyudmila

    Please, have more international contests!

  4. Mary Dailey

    I am already enjoying your blog! Thanks for the giveaways, too!

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