198 responses to “Little Debbie 100 Calories Of Goodness Giveaway”

  1. Sherry

    Love the swiss rolls and brownies the best.

  2. Sherry

    I voted.

  3. Betty C

    I love all the Little Debbie snacks but especially the Swiss Cake Rolls. Yum

  4. Betty C

    I voted for you.

  5. Denise

    I love the Lemon and and the Chocolate cakes. Yummy!

  6. Angela J


  7. Louis Thompsom

    Just tried the lemon ones and they are good!

  8. Crystal F

    I like the Creme-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Thank you!

  9. Crystal F

    I voted for you!

  10. Abby C.

    I love the Cosmic Brownies!

  11. Abby C.

    And voted! I hope you win!

  12. Laura R.

    My favorite is the Oatmeal Cream Cookies

  13. Renee Ridley

    Swiss cake rolls all the way baby!

  14. Amber S.

    I’ve always loved Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. I could probably eat the whole box myself!

  15. Renee Turner

    Nutty Bars and Star Crunch have always been my favorite!

  16. Renee Turner

    I voted for you!

  17. Leona P

    I love the swiss rolls

  18. Tamara B.

    We love the Little Debbie Nutty Bars.

  19. Tamara B.

    I voted for you and hope you are the winner!

  20. Marie

    There is so many to choose from but I like honey buns. I like to put them in the microwave till the icing melts a little.

  21. John Deal

    I love Nutty Bars..

  22. hminnesota

    swiss cake rolls. we all love them.thanks

  23. DanV

    My favorite is cosmic brownies

  24. Timmy

    HONEY BUNS!!! Oh, yeah!

  25. Serena

    i like the blueberry muffins

  26. Sara T

    The Swiss Rolls are the best!

  27. Sara T

    I voted for you!

  28. Tina H.

    I love the Swiss Cake rolls.. they are so yummy!


  29. Brandy H.

    It’s a tie between German Chocolate Cookie Rings and Nutty Bars….mmmmm!

  30. Leslie S.

    I love oatmeal creme pies.Thanks!

  31. Stacy O

    I grew up on swiss cake rolls, brings back lots of good memories.

  32. jill klein

    Swiss rolls are the best!!!

  33. Susan

    I can never turn down a Jelly Creme Pie! They taste just like they did when I was a little girl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Marcy Strahan

    I too love the Cosmic Brownies!

  35. Joy F

    There all delicious but if I have to pick one then Creme-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Thanks.

  36. Elizabeth

    I love those Fancy Cakes!

  37. Helen

    I love the Nutty Bars!

  38. Chris Noe

    My husband is addicted to Swiss Rolls.

  39. Courtney S

    Their oatmeal creme pies are my fave!

  40. Lily Kwan

    The Creme-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes are very tasty!

  41. Kayce C

    I love Star Crunch.

  42. Rita M

    The Zebra Cakes are my fave!

  43. Trish

    we love oatmeal cookies!!!

  44. emy

    my two daughters love the brownies.

  45. Janna Johnson
  46. Donna K

    I like the oatmeal cookie ones.

  47. Jadran

    Zebra Cakes. Got hooked at age 2 and have been eating them ever since.

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