4 responses to “Let It Rain”

  1. EG

    We were in Annapolis this weekend and I saw THE CUTEST rain boots I’ve ever seen. They were so cute that I did not slow down to check the price or the brand. They were in the kind of store that I knew the price would be a problem, and if I knew the brand I’d obsess about them. I just window-shopped them for 3 days.

  2. all natural katie

    I bought my first pair of rain boots three weeks ago. They look similar to the all black ones you have posted. I am in LOVE with rain boots. Went shopping on President’s Day, in the rain, and had no worries about my feet getting wet.

  3. Charlene Kuser

    I love the rain and I adore these boots.Thanks for posting them

  4. Eve

    soooo cute, wish they were for older people! I love them !!!1

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