4 responses to “Land Rover Nashville LR4 Review: Rugged Elegance”

  1. Kaye

    Very cool looking mom. Sounds like a great SUV. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. EG

    You know I love you. But I had to chuckle with your review of a STARTS AT $50K car on a blog called “Savvy Housewife.” I mean, I would have test driven it if offered the chance, too. It’s just a funny juxtaposition.

  3. Jamie

    EG: So true! Hey it’s “savvy,” not frugal housewife, though!

    The LR4 is definitely a luxury vehicle with a luxury vehicle price tag.

    We’re test driving a minivan in July which is definitely more family price tag family…so stay tuned.

  4. Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    Love this car. We see them a lot here in Orange County. Land Rover’s are on my wish list for cars. Maybe some day when I get rich or famous…love the pictures too!

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