6 responses to “Infiniti QX56: Posh Meets Practical”

  1. Erinn S

    Great car and it looks good to. Thanks for the review..I am contimplating a new SUV. I regretably traded my Nissan Murano for my altima and wish i had theat sixed car again!

  2. Laurie Brown

    I need a new car-love this one!

  3. jennifer horn

    Great looking car. Thanks for the info and pictures. I’m in the market for a new one and this one looks great.

  4. Amanda J.

    The Infiniti brand keeps catching my eye. The girls seemed to really enjoy the car. I’ll bet it’s super tough giving it back!

  5. Jennifer C.

    I have never owned a car in my life…but this is something I’d like to keep my children safe inside of!!

  6. Leisa Hammett

    Sexy. You should be driving this. Too bad you had to give it back. Darling: you’re living the life. You work hard. You deserve. And, I’m celebrating and cheering you on.

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