31 responses to “Honey Nut Cheerios, Mr. Strong Giveaway”

  1. Stephanie J

    Our Mr. Strong is my hubby. He is always helping me carry things, open things and move things!

  2. Stephanie J
  3. Steph

    I have two little Mr.Strongs. One is my 4 year old daughter who likes to show me her muscle man pose and say “Look mommy, I have pipes.” The other is my 5 year old son, who reminds me every morning that he needs his vitamins so he can keep growing big and strong. Mr. Strong is one of my sons favorite characters on the Mr. Men show.

  4. Shannon (The Mommy-Files)
  5. Alicia

    My Mr.Strong is my 8 year-old son, whenever I struggle lifting something
    or moving stuff my son always says, “mom don’t worry I got it!”

  6. Summer

    Our Mr. Strong is definitely my husband. He is always there when I need him to do something, whether it be to open something, reach up high in the cabinets or carry the kids when my arms get tired. He is the absolute best!!

  7. Summer

    I tweeted about this giveaway.


  8. Lethea Benson

    My Mr.Strong is my sweet hubby. He’s always so helpful in so many ways like tilling the garden, carrying groceries,moving the furniture when I decide we need a change~you name it & he’s there to help me!

  9. Kirsten H.

    MY Mr. Strong is my boyfriend. He is the Mr. Fix it Guy. When I have computer problems. He is my Geek Squad. When I can’t reach for something off the grocery store shelves. He is there to sweep in and get it for me. He is a godsend. And I feel very blessed to have him in my life. He is my Super Hero.

  10. cwaltz

    Our Mr Strong is my 17 year old. He’s my go to when I need help lifting or opening stuff and hubby is on the road.

  11. Jessie C.

    DH is the Mr. Strong in our house. Jobs including opening cans/jars, lifting boxes, cases, furniture, whatever stuffs related to the adj “heavy”. He is also my unconditional supporter, helps me to stay strong when I feel under the weather.

  12. Jessie C.
  13. Jessie C.
  14. Jessie C.
  15. Jessie C.
  16. Mary

    I love the Mr. Men— we even have a line of shampoo/body wash that came out at target awhile back. I have a house full of wanna be Mr. Strong, and Im definetly a Lil Miss Sunshine.. I always try to keep a sunny smile and loving hug ready for my kiddos!!!!

    thanks, Mary

  17. Harley

    My dad used to be a bodybuilder, so of course he is mr strong in our family, hehe

  18. Stephanie

    Fun! My Mr. Strong is my boyfriend, he’s always helping moving things 🙂 What a neat picture & giveaway!

  19. sara

    My husband is Mr Strong in our house. He can fix anything! And with 5 kids, we break a lot of stuff!

  20. Ashley Elaine

    The Mr. Strong in our household is defiantly my husband. He is a fireman and has to be strong not only physically but mentally.

  21. Jaimee

    My Mr. Strong is definitely my husband- not just physically (which he is), but he’s mentally strong & the rock in our family.

  22. colleen
  23. Laura in TX
  24. Ashley S

    My Mr.Strong is me & my husband. We both love to workout & he works such long hours, I end up doing most of the heavy/hard home repair projects!

  25. Angela Still

    My Mr. Strong is my 2 yr. old son, Wyatt. He was born with a congenital heart defect that required open heart surgery to correct when he was only 7 months old. Recovery was long and hard on my son. Now he is trying so hard to play catch up with children his age. The lost time during his recovery led to some developmental delays but with the help of friends, family, and therapy he is blossoming into a bright and energetic boy. Wyatt is my “little warrior.”

  26. Nadia

    Our Mr.Strong is my husband. He puts his life on the line every day as an American Soldier.

  27. Linda`Kish

    My son thinks he is Mr. Strong until I ask him for help then he complains his back hurts.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  28. Debbie P

    My Mr. Strong is my hubby. He works very hard for our family working full time and going to school full time, and he still makes time to help me out with our little kids and doing things around the house. I sure love him!

  29. Aymee

    My Mr. Strong is my husband. He’s not only strong physically but emotionally. He is my rock!

  30. Jay

    My Mr. Strong is my dh. Our garage door fell off the track and he was able to put that heavy door back on the track. I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t home (I would have been stuck at home that day unable to get the car out of the garage!)

  31. Mindy Holt

    My Mrs and Miss Strong are my husband and daughter. Since she was little he has been doing that “Invitation to the gun show” thing which she thinks is hilarious. Now she is 7 and since Night at the Museum Two she is constantly showing her Guns and they talk about FIREPOWER
    .-= Mindy Holt´s last blog ..Free night of theater and my review =-.

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