8 responses to “Going Green Has Never Looked So Good”

  1. Misty V.

    I started using my own bags about a year ago. About 6 months ago our grocery store started selling reusable bags and giving a discount per reusable bag used! Yay green!

  2. Heather

    Our grocery store had reusable bags for 89 cents! I love them, not only for being a green choice, but because they hold so much, which means fewer trips between the house and car.

    Heathers last blog post..Remembering – More of Him Monday

  3. EG

    Why yes, yes I do. I have Chicobags from reusablebags.com I’m jealous of Heather’s 89 cent reusable bags, though.

    EGs last blog post..Weekend 1: Sacramento

  4. tracy g

    I have some Envirosax and some RuMe bags, and they are really nice, but shop around… there are a couple places that carry them now, and I got mine with free shipping. Stylish reusable bags aren’t cheap, but they are a GREAT investment that everyone really needs to consider making… whether it’s the 89 cent variety, or these cool RuMe bags.

    This is a photo of the set I got with free shipping, and the colors are even more vibrant in person (in fact, I think someone took my green pattern one… a few friends were eyeing it up 🙂


  5. Shannon B.

    I’ve just started using my own bags and I love it! These look really great too. I may have to try them out as well!

  6. Katie

    I just started using my own bags and they definatly hold more then the plastic. I would use 3-4 of my bags to 10-12 plastic. What a earth saver. Thanks.

  7. Jennifer

    Once you get into the habit- and with all the cool totes out there these days its hard not to- you won’t believe you ever carried plastic at all. Reusable totes come in all sizes and materials- I prefer cotton because it is natural and biodegradable.

  8. Valerie C

    I love my reusable bags! My favorites are the ones from Whole Foods because they are so pretty, and the ones from Safeway because they are huge! And all for only $1 – can’t beat that!

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