Tackling the Wild Inside With Glad ForceFlex Bags


My 7-year-old can be a wee bit of a pack rat. Her room has gotten way out of control and with the holidays coming up I am encouraging both my girls to clean their bedrooms. The holidays are a great time to tame the wild inside! I talked to my girls about cleaning and organizing their rooms in anticipation of Christmas. I asked them to decide on what items to toss and what items to donate to charity. In order to cut back on clutter I try to stick with the philosophy of not bringing in a new item into our home (whether it be an article of clothing or a toy or even a book) without first donating or tossing an existing item. The holidays are the perfect time to sort through your child’s games and toys and donate any items they no longer play with.

Cleaning Miss A’s room was a daunting task made easier with the help of Glad’s new tear resistant ForceFlex 30 gallon bags. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had NO idea how much stuff was “stored” (ahem) underneath her bed until she really started tackling the wild inside her own bedroom! I handed her a bag and told her to get busy cleaning!

If you are looking for super strong trash bags for all your wild holiday messes, I’d definitely recommend Glad ForceFlex! There’s nothing worse than tackling a project with flimsy trash bags that break while you’re trying to haul them outside. We always end up with twice as much garbage during the week of Christmas and I want a garbage bag that can keep up with our messes! These bags have a unique diamond texture that allows them to expand without breaking. Glad ForceFlex bags are available in both 30 and 33 gallon sizes, enough to handle the biggest littlest mess makers in your house this holiday season!

Be sure to head over and like Glad on Facebook and check out celebrity mom Tori Spelling’s OMG Extra: After the Wild Life fun Facebook series featuring the loveable, messy animals from last year’s mock reality series The Wild Life. While you’re there you can play the Missing in the Mess game as well!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of  Glad and received a promotional gift code to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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