First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream Review

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If you have extremely sensitive skin, especially in the winter, and you’re looking for a great facial moisturizing cream that is petroleum free, I have found your product!

Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty (FAB) is an intense therapy skin protectant formulated to hydrate dry, parched skin.

A few thoughts on this product: it’s a very light whipped cream consistency, making ideals for sensitive skin. If you want your moisturizers to feel thick and greasy, this is not it. Designed for the face as well as the body, I found that FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream was great for chapped skin around my nose when I had a cold. It’s also great for kids’ chapped faces since it’s not greasy and it’s unscented. Now this isn’t a daily moisturizer with an SPF that I’d wear daily, but it’s ideal for irritated skin, especially in the winter. FAB does offer a full line of products for the face, including a daily face moisturizer, eye cream and cleanser.

I wasn’t familiar with FAB, founded in 2009 and specializing in safe and effective beauty skin care products. FAB products are free of harsh chemicals and known allergens, including parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes. Some of their products are also FDA-approved OTC formulas that target skin issues such as eczema and acne.

First Aid Beauty Cream First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream Review

More details from FAB’s website:

FAB Ultra Repair Cream is a thick, rich, emollient product that hydrates deep down with exceptional penetration. With the help of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, soothing eucalyptus oil and ceramides, FAB Ultra Repair Cream provides immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin. FAB Antioxidant Booster is there to defend skin from free radical damage. Ultra Repair Cream can be used all over the body and on the face.

FAB Ultra Repair Cream is for anyone with severely dry, scaly skin due to harsh winter weather, aggressive cosmetic treatments or any of the following conditions: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, irritant eczema, allergic eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris.

Hydrates, calms and smoothes skin. Improves natural barrier function. Relieves minor skin irritation and itching due to eczema and other conditions.

No Parabens, Harsh Chemicals or Colorants.

FAB Ultra Repair is a bit on the pricey side at $28 for a 6 oz. tub or $12 for a 2 oz. tub but if you have irritated, sensitive skin this may be the product for you. FAB Ultra Repair is sold on the FAB website and Amazon.

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    First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream Review – Blonde Mom Shops

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