8 responses to “Febreze Products Almost Make Me Forget Our Dogs Have Taken Over Our Home”

  1. Michele (CA)
  2. Whimspiration

    I’m not a huge fan of scented candles, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Febreeze! The best, and most enjoyable job I ever had made us use the stuff three times a day on the costuming (theater work), and the smell of original Frbreeze is like aromatherapy. So calming, comforting, and invigorating!

    Whimspirations last blog post..She Likes To Ride Her Bicycle

  3. Tracy Beene

    I do love Febreeze! I mainly use it on my couch/rugs, but once I do spray it on every piece of fabric in sight, the house could be a total wreck as long as it smells of Febreeze! It ‘smells’ clean to me! I just have to close my eyes! HA!

  4. Tracey C

    I love Febreze. It smells great and isnt overwhelming. It last a really long time too. I havent been able to find the cleaner that has febreze in it though. I think its mr.clean but im not sure.

  5. Elizabeth M.

    I love Febreze too. It’s not overpowering but just so fresh smelling. I did not know they had candles. Hmmm..I might have to check that out.

  6. Alcohol Testing

    How does a candle (which is burning) actually get rid of the smell? I can understand it can mask a smell but to actually get rid of it is something else completely different.

  7. morison dony

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  8. Jennifer Rowe

    I love Febreeze! With a teenage boy, 9 yo twin girls, six cats, two huge dogs and my husband, it’s nice to sometimes smell something other than stinky LOL!!

    I got a voicemail call from my son over the summer about the state of his Lacrosse bag. You can read it here if you want to 🙂


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