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  1. EG

    We do have a garden, and get more than our fill of zucchini and tomatoes. I’m hoping we’ll up our production of green beans and peppers this year, too.

    I tried to sign up for a fruit share from a local farm, but it was sold out. Next year I know to check when it still feels like winter! We also have a small farmer’s market in town, but my vice there is the homemade cheeses.

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  2. Tisa

    We have a small garden and buy rest of our veggies/fruits at a local farmer’s market.

  3. Shannon B.

    We have a local farmer’s market which we try to go to every weekend. My daughter has loved going there since she was a little baby! It is really the only place where she willingly sits in her stroller!

    My parents and my in-laws also have gardens. Even though both sets of parents are empty nesters they still have HUGE gardens so we also get a lot of fresh veggies from them as well.

  4. Mrs Mogul

    Well I plan to go to the local farmer’s market on weekends. Also we’re mainly a vegetarian family, it’s easy for us to make veggie dishes.

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  5. Channah

    I go to a Farmer’s Market every Thursday (well, every Thursday other than today… a girl is allowed to be lazy occasionally).
    I’m planning to start a vegetable garden, but we’re planning on moving, so that’s going to have to remain on hold until we move into a new place.

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  6. Kam A

    In the summer we get most of our veggies from the Farmer’s market šŸ™‚

  7. misty

    I already have this book, so do not enter me. I just wanted to say that it is a great book.

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  8. mannequin

    Our first 1 year anniversary here and I planted our first garden so we shall have tomato’s, pumpkins, watermelon and our iguana has his own section šŸ™‚
    with limas and salad mix.
    I am eating more and more salads these days as long as they have Blue Cheese dressing…

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  10. Genevieve

    We go to the farmer’s market when we can, and next year I want to do a CSA share!

  11. Heather

    I haven’t figured out how to garden in the south yet. So we some fresh veggies from my MIL, and the rest from a local roadside stand. Love those summer veggies!

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  12. Misty V.

    We get most of our veggies from the local Farmer’s Market. This year we’re also trying our luck with a few tomato plants at home.

  13. Jo
  14. Elizabeth M.

    We have tons of local farmstands near us as we’re right in the Michigan fruit belt. It’s wonderful!

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