3 responses to “Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Review”

  1. melissa portillo

    i have great memories of easy bake as a child!

  2. katklaw777

    Looks sooooooooooooooo different from the one I had as a kid…thanks for the great review and cute pics!

  3. 1955nurse

    OMG – my Grandson would love this – he LOVES to help bake cookies, etc. & would really love his own “stuff”!!!

  4. tanya

    i purchased this prouduct for my twin girls for christmas i wish some one wouls have me to purchase for the size of quanty of the mix i was so disapponted when i opened it. if you ask me they shoould have just continued to sell the old one’s like i had when i was little girl all thing different is the high price which is not worth it i just i wish i would have say a display of it before i brought it mad.com

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