One response to “Because Everyone Wants To Get Their Black Eyed Peas On”

  1. Kimbuckjr

    Thank you SO much for reviewing this product! I saw the commercial for this product on the Disney Channel and of course they are too bias to take seriously, but coming from you…I trust your opinion. This sounds like the PERFECT gift for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. My daughter (she will be 7) is a walking Karaoke machine. When my daughter’s not talking, she’s singing, and singing, and singing, and singing! You have SOLD me on this product and after I post this comment, I’m off to Amazon to purchase this Wii product while it’s still on sale.

    Thank you, again, for the review…I’m so happy you posted about “Disney Sing It Party Hits!”

    Take care and I absolutely LOVE your blog! Keep up the awesome work!


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