182 responses to “Disney Secretariat Blu-Ray DVD Giveaway”

  1. Melissa B.

    I have not seen it. But, I’d like to win it because it’ll make a great movie for family night.

  2. keith imler

    we have not seen the movie but my daughter can not wait to see it. she loves horses and they keep promoting it on the disney channel.

  3. Diane Baum

    I have not seen it. I would love to win it, because I read the book and loved it.

  4. Susan Smith

    I have not seen it but it sounds like a great family movie

  5. Susan Smith

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  6. James Coyne

    I saw Secretariat in the theater. It was a fantastic movie. One of the best i’ve seen.

  7. kittycardero

    I haven’t seen Secretariat yet but I’d like to win so I can. I love horse movies and this one looks really good.

  8. Jessica

    I haven’t seen it yet but I would love to see it. It’s hard to go to the movies with two children under the age of two, but I’ve been waiting for it to come out so I can add it to my Netflix movies.

  9. Jessica

    I like the Blonde mom on Facebook .

  10. James Coyne

    i like your blog on facebook

  11. James Coyne

    i’m a feed subscriber

  12. James Coyne

    i’m a blonde mom blog feed subscriber

  13. Jessica

    I left a comment on this blog on the post Grandcamps adventures.

  14. Jessica

    I subscribed to savvy housewife rss feed.

  15. Jennifer M

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to especially because he won in the year I was born.

  16. Christine Sarkauskas

    I have seen it because I am so busy at work! I am starting to make sure I take a day to just take care of myself


  17. lknott

    Have not seen Secretariat yet. Both my daughter and husband are horse crazy so have been anxious for this to get to DVD!!! Thanks for the give-away!!!

  18. Kristen

    It’s a great movie!! I’d love to own it and watch it with my family, brings back memories of working at a horse farm. My dad would love it! Thanks for giving it away!!

  19. Christy Schultz

    I saw it in the theater, it was very inspiring. I loved it and would love to win it and be able to watch it with my family.

  20. Melanie Johnson

    We haven’t seen it yet. I keep trying to rent it from redbox but its always checked out. Must be quite popular!

  21. Diana Tresco
  22. Marc

    I haven’t seen Secretariat yet…but I remember when Secretariat won the Triple Crown and Art Buchwald wrote a funny column suggesting that President Nixon should add Secretariat to his cabinet.

  23. Michelle H.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard that it is a good family film.

  24. Stephanie Bruce

    I havent seen it yet but I love a great underdog story

  25. Rhonda Struthers

    I remember Secretariat from my youth. I have not seen the movie. I am interested in seeing how my memories relate to the movie

    rhondastruthers atyahoo.ca

  26. susanmeep

    I have seen it, and it was great I would love to own it. suelee1998 @ gmail.conm

  27. Ro

    I have not seen the movie but I remember when Secretariat won the Preakness. Seeing the movie would be like reliving history.

  28. Veronica Garrett

    I haven’t seen Secretariat. I would like to win because I remember when Secretariat won the Triple Crown. The movie sounds great.

  29. Donna L

    I have not seen this movie. I heard this was a good movie,

  30. Sand

    I have not yet seen it but I’ve heard great things about it and love movies about underdogs!

  31. Jay F.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I am looking forward to it. I enjoy horseracing.

  32. Valerie Joy Rix

    I haven’t seen the movie but want to, which is why I’d love to win!

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