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  1. ronalee duncan

    I showed up at work this summer and I wore my t-shirt backwards for at least 2 hours before anyone told me. I think I threw that shirt away when I got home. lol

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  2. ronalee duncan

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  4. Jina

    I walked into the men’s restroom instead of the ladies by mistake!

  5. Laura Ranck

    I was scraping paint off our front porch and something bit me under my armpit. Needless to say I thought it was a bee and started taking my shirt off. and trying to run inside.(we live on the main street in town) so everyone was wondering what in the world I was doing!

  6. Laura Ranck

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  7. andrea

    little ones peeing where they want when they want

  8. Dawn F

    When my 2 year old son rubbed his hands over his cousin’s head which is bald from his cancer treatments. My son had been trying to figure out what was wrong and finally couldn’t help himself any longer. My nephew was a sport, but I was so embarrassed.

  9. CINDY

    mine was going on an interview and the test question was how many months have 28 days. i said one and i told my hubby about that question and he said every month ha 28 days, duhhhhhhhhhh,,,

  10. Angie

    keeping from falling out of my bathing siut this summer…

  11. Ashley

    I think the most awkward moment for me was when we were at a restaurant and the waiter was trying his hardest to convince me to order a drink. I kept politely declining until I finally had to tell him I was pregnant and that was why I wasn’t drinking. He practically ignored us after that!


  12. Kimberly

    Mine was when I went on and on to my teenage daughter about her losing her driver’s permit and how she would have to pay for a new one if she couldn’t find it.
    Within an hour, I was getting ready to go somewhere and couldn’t find my driver’s license. I was at a loss for words for a short time.

  13. marci

    mine was going out into the parking lot and getting in the wrong car–well it did look like mine–hubby still talks about that one and it’s been 2 months ago. 🙂

  14. marci

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  15. Maureen

    Mine is more serious though..our two year old tripped backwards and tried to catch himself but fell into a campfire at our summer family vacation on 7/4. He suffered severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his arm/hands/fingers but we are thankful it was not much worse. It has been the most awkward summer of my life…
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  16. scottsgal

    chasing my springer spaniel around the neighborhood in a nightgown when she got out the front door – quite a site I’m sure

  17. scottsgal

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  18. Tori

    My conundrum was how to nurse in public when my nursing cover was at home
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  19. ewhatley

    I stayed a friend’s house while some work was being done at my condo. I looked forward to sitting in his HUGE recliner and watching his huge TV while he was away visiting his girlfriend and family up north. So, when I came home from work the first day, I changed clothes, had some dinner and got in that chair to take a little nap before heading out to the beach for a walk. When I woke up, I tried to get out of the chair and realized my arm was too short to reach the handle to change the recliner to a sitting position. It took several minutes to CRAWL out of that chair and I didn’t put the foot rest up again.

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  20. kathy D

    I took my bosses mother to a Wedding Shower a couple hours away. On our way around town I was pulled over for speeding while driving her car…… Oops……

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  22. kathy D
  23. Kerrie G

    I was in a long check out line with my boy’s at Sears when my 2 year old yelled “UH OH MY POOP COMING OUT”. I felt the need to tell everyone in the line that he had a pull-up on and then my older son starting exclaiming how bad his brother smelled!!!

  24. Kerrie G
  25. Carolyn G

    Awkward was being at a party and having to tell the hostess that her spinach dips tasted horrible. It was too salty and she added too much cumin. I was watching people take some and almost barf but no one said anything. I tasted and had to tell her becuase it was terrible.
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  26. Carolyn G

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  27. Kimberly

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  30. Christina Anne D.

    I accidently peed my pants while on a hiking trail cuz I was laughing at something a family member had done…then I had to casually move to the side of the trail as people passed by so they couldn’t tell:) annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  35. Nancy

    It was awkward when our empty nest became not empty last week. It’s just for about 3 1/2 months.

  36. JRG

    I flew to Florida for a weekend and forgot my swim suit. How could I?

  37. Nancy

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  39. Tammigirl

    Should I tell you about the time I needed to use the ladies room when we were leaving the movies? Uh, I went into the wrong bathroom. Do you know how much of a crown accumulates around the restrooms after a movie? I think about 750 people. And they all watched in shock as I walked in, turned around, and walked back out. To make matters even more embarrassing they seemed to all be waiting for me to come out of the ladies room, too.

    I have also sent packets of taco bell mild sauce squirting across the room getting on brand new carpets, newly painted walls and trim, and silk curtains. All in a day’s work, I say!
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  40. Tammigirl

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    Conundrum is one of the two favorite wines in our house. Great wine for a giveaway!
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  41. polly

    mine was accepting two birthday lunch dates with two different friends at the same time on the same day. oops!

  42. susitravl

    On Memorial Day, I heard a loud truck on my street at about 7:00 a.m. I thought, oh, trash truck, no big deal. OH NO – DH didn’t think they were picking up trash since it was a holiday. He was sound asleep, so I flew out of the house in my PJ’s to wheel the dumpster to the curb.

    My neighbors all had the same thought, and they were out there too, but they were all fully dressed.

  43. victoria lester

    The funniest thing that happened to me this summer is that I accidentally let a bird into the church when I was standing in the doorway of the church.
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  45. Kathy Daniels

    I have a pink Hibiscus plant/tree on my deck near my hummingbird feeder. One day I was water the plant and a hummingbird flew up and buzzed right near my head. I think I was in his way of sipping nectar from the big flowers.

  46. Jennifer Barr

    I was sitting on my swing out back and a bird pooped in my hair! The worst part of it is…i had no idea since i was wearing a large headband and didn’t feel it hit and was so embarrassed when company came over and someone mentioned it to me!!!!! LOL

  47. Jennifer Barr

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  48. Melanie
  49. Melanie

    Melanie C

  50. amy donovan

    my most awkward conundrum of the summer was when I went around all afternoon doing errands in my yoga pants/tank top, only to get home + realize that i had a gym sock stuck to the back of my thigh. ugh. luckily I didn’t run into anyone i know! that’ll teach me to not use static guard…
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