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  1. Jaimee

    My Mr. Messy is actually my youngest daughter, who’s just over 1 year old. She loves eating with her hands, no matter what the dish is, including her favorite pasta with marinara sauce. By the time she’s done, she has it all over her (including her eyelashes & hair), her chair, and the floor. So much fun to watch her enjoying herself though!

  2. Linda`Kish

    Mine is a Miss Messy. Our basset hound manages to eat anything and everything. Her specialty is grocery bags.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  3. cwaltz

    My Mr. Messy is my spouse. I swear that man would lose his head if it weren’t attached. I constantly am barraged with “where’s my-fill in the blank with missing item?” daily. I even tried giving him his own little personal area. The only problem is he’s piled other stuff there and ” forgets” from time to time to put up his wallet or keys in this spot-which inevitably leads back to where’s my stuff?

  4. Rebecca C

    It is of course my 4 year old, she can trash a room in seconds! Its ridiculous!
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  5. Rebecca C
  6. Rebecca C

    I have your button on my blog: Here
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  7. Rebecca C

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here
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  8. Aymee

    Mr. Messy can be anyone in my family but my husband is my number 1 Mr. Messy. He will leave his shoes everywhere and will walk over them all day without picking them up.

  9. Amanda A

    I would have to go with my 6 year old daughter. She is a human tornado. Though to give her credit she’s getting a little better. 🙂

  10. Amanda A
  11. Amanda A

    Don’t have a blog but I did put your button up at http://www.myspace.com/disintegratingstarr

  12. Kathy K

    My Mr. Messy is my boyfriend. Every room in the house has a “place” where he just dumps stuff. One whole seat area of the couch, the kitchen table, the rack in the bathroom, his side of the bedroom and the closet PLUS spillover thats encroaching onto my space… Arghhh

  13. denise

    My Mr. Messy is surprisingly my spouse. I bought a cloth table cloth forgetting why I had stopped using them. I thought it was because of my kids. No, it was because my husband makes messes.


  14. Molly
  15. Michelle

    Our Mr. Messy would be our puppy, Copper. He’s into everything and leaves a trail wherever he goes – nothing is safe! Just this morning, I rescued our couch cushions, my stack of coupons waiting to be cut, my tylenol bottle from my purse (note to self – don’t leave your purse unzipped! No, he didn’t get anything from the bottle!) and the remote control – and that was all in a span of 1 hour! I keep saying “Well, he’s cute!”. Thanks for the fun giveaway!
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  16. eunice b

    our mr messy is the neighbors 2 dogs….believe me, it can get pretty stinky and messy while mowing with a walk behind mower if we’re not alert! 🙂

  17. eunice b

    i tweeted! tigergal01

  18. Andrea

    Our mr. messy would have to be daddy. Even the kids are reminding him to pick up and doing things that he should be doing But the kids at least can get him up to do things

  19. Brenda

    Mr. Messy is our little boy Gavin. He is 3 years old and gets into everything! Making messes is his specialty! Thanks 🙂

    bitabuns at yahoo dot com

  20. Brenda

    I left a comment on facebook about this giveaway!

    bitabuns at yahoo dot com

  21. Brenda



    bitabuns at yahoo dot com

  22. Harley

    My sister is Miss Messy! She never does her own dishes, I swear… 😛

  23. Angela
  24. Jessie C.

    It’d be DH in my family. There are no words to describe his study room, I feel we can even dig out some skeletons under all those piles.

  25. Jessie C.
  26. Jessie C.

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  27. Jessie C.
  28. Jessie C.

    http://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/4740655894 and @tcarolinep Twitter follower.

  29. Michelle Smiles

    Sabrina’s very particular about many things – her toys aren’t among those things. She will purposefully take things that I put away while she was in bed and dump them in the middle of the floor declaring “Mommy, you can’t put those away.” She is 3 and I swear it is easier to just pick it up myself after she is in bed because she has 2 speeds: slow and stop.
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  30. Donna

    All of my kids are Mr. Messy’s! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Donna
  32. Donna
  33. Holly Johnson

    Our Mr. Messy is our new little girl. As a matter of fact, it looks like I need to go change yet another outfit…

  34. Aline

    My teenage son is definitely the Mr. Messy in my household. All his clothes are on the floor. I have no idea how he figures out what is clean and what is dirty. He doesn’t use a garbage can cause his room is the garbage can.

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