337 responses to “CLR Cleaner Review and Giveaway”

  1. Jenny Gibbons

    The bathroom. My husband has NO hand-eye coordination…

  2. Carol Drury

    It has to be our pets room!!!!

  3. joanna smith

    My least favorite room of the house to clean is the main bathroom. Basically it is something I dread because so many people use it, and if I don’t stay on top of the cleaning, it can get pretty bad! I try to clean it every 3 days or so. We have 6 people in our household so it gets a lot of use. I am a clean freak too so I have to have it smelling and looking good! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  4. judy chapman

    My least favorite would be the bathroom.

  5. Sarah Hansen


  6. jennifer b

    My least favorite is any place in the house that ends with or is followed by the word room.

  7. Suzanne Lewis

    The bathroom!

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  8. Lacie Thompson

    I dispise cleaning the guest and kids bathrooms…the kids esp….eww!!

  9. Rebecca Peters

    I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  10. Tisa

    Least favorite to clean is the bathroom! ~ 🙂

  11. M.A.

    Yup, the bathrooms!

  12. Jean H

    The bathroom, the john, the water closet, the loo – hands down! Oy.

  13. JessLyn

    This one is kind of too close to call. While the bathroom SEEMS like the hands down WORST – we cook a lot and our kitchen has a very poorly conceived layout – so cleaning the kitchen is a nightmare too!

  14. Susan P

    any room, lol

  15. Jeanette malan

    with four boys that cant seem to control their aim i just hate the bathroom

  16. Helen

    I hate cleaning the kitchen! I leave that to my husband. I do the cooking and he cleans!

  17. S. Carter

    I hate the bathroom. Even when I am done it does not always look clean. Yuck!

  18. Marcia Ivy

    Yep, the bathroom would have to be the worst. But after it is cleaned I was to soak in the tub.

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  19. Beverly Metcalf

    I love a clean house, but now that I’m older, it seems like a daily chore. I don’t like cleaning my bathroom, since I have a whirlpool tub and they are really hard to get clean. I would like to try the CLR products. I heard they work really well. Thanks for having the contest!

  20. Brandy

    My least favorite room to clean is my daughters’ room. They have so many little toys, and trying to match up all of the pieces drives me mad sometimes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Victoria

    would love to win this love to try befor i buy. My bathroom is my pet peve and I have never tried this product!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks ofr the oppertunity

  22. CAndie L

    I have to go with the general majority. I hate the bathroom. I usually leave it to my husband to clean

  23. Brian E.

    …I guess that would be a certain shower enclosure located in my bathroom…I hate cleaning that shower !!!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Andrew


  25. Latisha DePoortere
  26. Gianna

    The bathroom..

  27. Robert R

    absolutely, the bathrooms are the worst…glad my wife is such an angel cleaning them

  28. Tobster

    Without question — the bathroom.

  29. christine mclaren

    I hate cleaning the kitchen the worst

  30. Kathryn Howell

    The bathroom. Yuck!

  31. Heather C

    Bathroom. Gross.

  32. Dree

    I hate cleaning the toilets.

  33. renee

    i hate the bathroom!!

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  34. Sharon Davis

    I hate to clean our bedroom. I keep the bathrooms clean because company usually runs into one of them. But, I use our bedroom sort of like a stash room, my bedside table is messy and the little private bathroom is usually “couples” messy. The door is closed to these two rooms so I don’t clean them until last on my cleaning rounds. Our water is so full of sulphur that CLR is always in our cleaning product carrier. It is a must on my cleaning supply list.

  35. Lily Kwan

    My least favorite room of the house to clean is the bathroom.

  36. Jennelle Henderson

    My least favorite room to clean is the kitchen. Dishes…ick. It just never ends.

  37. Donna K

    The bathroom.

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