13 responses to “Talk Dirty Dishes To Me”

  1. Vickie Couturier

    I washed my little dog in the sink before,she got too dirty to go any further than the kitchen an that was it,the kitchen sink,lol

  2. Vickie Couturier

    oops,i misread that,not the dog in the dishwasher!omg,no,the sink,I put some flip flops in there before to get them clean an they came really clean

  3. Bluegrass Mama

    I always use store brand dishwasher soap and never rinse my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, and they come out fine.

    We recently washed my husband’s disgustingly dirty computer keyboard in the dishwasher. No soap, and no dry cycle (which I never use, anyway). He let it dry out for a few days, and has been happily using it ever since. I did read that you should NOT do that with a wireless keyboard, though.

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  4. Colleen

    I totally agree with you on dishwasher loading. Everything must go in a certain order to make the most of the space. My husband… just shoves stuff in… and therefore forces me to rearrange all the time.

    As for the strangest thing washed in the dishwasher… I really can’t think of anything. The only non-dishes thing I can think of would be humidifier parts. That’s rather dull.

    Colleens last blog post..Swimming Lessons

  5. ben

    i washed plastic slide ons in the dishwasher!

  6. Naomi

    Crocs look brand new when you run them through the dishwasher!

    Naomis last blog post..Vacation.

  7. mannequin

    We don’t have a dishwasher now *gasp* but in our old house, I walked in to find my hubby slipping his eyeglasses in the dishwasher. “What are you doing?!!” I exclaimed. He said they told him at the eye doctor that was the best way to clean them! They did come out nicely but for some reason, it all seemed very gross to me.

    mannequins last blog post..ManlyMan Crap Monday

  8. Susan C

    When my dishwasher is not quite full, I put in knick-knacks. They come out nice and sparkly.

    Susan Cs last blog post..Lucky day for me!

  9. Michele

    The weirdest thing which is not that weird, are my daughter’s pacifiers.
    In total agreement on loading too!

  10. Ginny

    I’ve washed several of my kids toys in the dishwasher, so much easier!

    One time I went to wash a bathtub duck in my dads dishwasher. He kept taking it out, finally I asked him why I couldn’t use his dishwasher to wash it. The entire time he thought my youngest was goofing around & putting it in there, lol.

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  11. Whimspiration

    I don’t have a dishwasher now, but I used to, and I might have one again if it means I can get my dehydrator trays truly clean without soaking them in the bathtub first, and risking shredding the delicate tines when I scrub them.

    By the way, that’s the oddest thing I’ve ever tossed into a dishwasher… dehydrator trays.

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