4 responses to “A Spanish Red To Tempt White Wine Lovers”

  1. Cori W

    This sounds like a great wine! I will have to try it. I tend to find reds a little strong too so your review really tempts me.

  2. Jessica Moore

    Yes, I will definitely have to try this too! Thanks for the review.

  3. Leah Walker

    Oh my gosh. You crack me up every time I read anything you write. Haha!! I swear we’re made from the same mold. I am fascinated by the cool box. I am a very visual person. I would drink it just cause it looked neat. I don’t know anything about wine except that I don’t much care for it. You have convinced me to try this though. You had my mouth watering as I read. Thanks.

  4. Two Rabbit Ears Up For Octavin Riesling

    […] written about a wonderful line of boxed wines, Octavin, before. Their Spanish red, Seven, is amazing and their Pinot Evil is another red I highly recommend. Plus, you can’t go wrong […]

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