338 responses to “50 Years Of No More Tears”

  1. Janine
  2. Ellen Ring

    I’ve been using Johnson

  3. Lauralee Hensley

    I loved the no more tears shampoo used on me as a child and have used it myself.

  4. Jodi

    I love the Johnson

  5. Kaia

    My favorite is the baby shampoo-smells soo good!

  6. Helena Batt-Vesey

    My favorite is Johnson’s Baby Powder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Helena Batt-Vesey
  8. Renee

    I love the Johnson’s baby shampoo!

  9. Jill L

    I love the baby lotion! It smells sooooo good. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  10. Denise

    Johnson’s Baby Oil- I still use it today!

  11. Kristi
  12. Renee We

    Johnson’s has my favorite baby lotions and creams. The first aid cream is soothing and effective so I recommend it.

  13. Debbie R.

    I love many of their products, but I use Johnson’s Baby Powder often, especially after a shower. I love the smell and how soft it feels on my skin.


  14. ANGELA

    I love the baby oil

  15. Jill L

    I love the smell of Bedtime Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Makes me want to just snuggle up too.

  16. Margaret Talbot

    I love the Johnsons bedtime bath because it smells so soothing.I am going to be a new grandma. Would love to win. Thanks for the contest!!

  17. Virginia Briguglio

    Johnson’s Baby Bath by far the favorite of this entire household including humans of all ages, as well as canines, felines, and rodents.

  18. sito

    I love the Baby Oil. I use it to remove eye make up, moisturize, and I warm it up and use it as a hot oil treatment on my hair. Oh, yeah, it’s nice for baby, too.

  19. nichole

    I like the Johnson’s No More Tears baby shampoo and baby wash. The generic brands always make the babys eyes tear up even though they say they won’t. Johnson’s actually does what it says!

  20. meredith rogen

    I too love the baby oil. I use it for everything, and it does wonders for my skin. Thanks!

    meredith rogens last blog post..

  21. Peggy Gorman

    I love all J&J products and the scent they leave on the baby. Count me in ,love this giveaway.


  22. Lily Kwan

    I love the Soothing nighttime lavender wash and lotion!

  23. Ed VanEtten

    Never used any, but this would be great for a coworker who’s due.

  24. Yvonne Mosley

    It has to be the baby oil. Brings back many memories of my childhood. I am 4th within a group of 9 siblings where my primary roll was to help Mom with “the twins” who are 8 years younger than I. The smell of baby oil and babies takes me back many years!

  25. Sarah

    My favorite J&J product is the Soothing Naturals baby lotion.

    Sarahs last blog post..Princess Time Toys

  26. carli webb

    I love their soothing naturals line as well as the baby shampoo. I hope I win!

    carli webbs last blog post..Toddler Fun

  27. Anne D

    I’ve used all of thier products and love them.

  28. David Guss

    I like Johnsons bedtime bath soap. It smells so good.

  29. Tracy

    I still use Johnson’s products, my favorite tip is to put on the baby oil right after your shower while your skin is still damp and let it air dry, don’t rub it off, and your skin will feel baby soft.

  30. Deb Klein

    Please enter me~Johnson and Johnson is the BEST!! Thanks!

  31. Stacey Brown

    My favorite item is the head to toe baby wash, its awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  32. Carrie

    The bedtime lotion is my favorite

  33. Theresa Jenkins

    My mom used the baby shampoo,I used it on my kids and now on the grandkids…thanks

  34. Shelly Jeffers

    I seriously LOVE all Johnson’s products! They are an iconic name in the baby business for sure! That’s all my family has used for generations..for the babies as well as the adults! My favorite by far is the creamy baby oil. It goes on like a silky lotion but unlike regular baby oil, leaves only a light greaseless smooth feel on the skin. LOVE IT.

  35. Karla Hull

    I love the baby lotion. Been 15 years since my daughter was baby but that smell takes me back.

  36. Teri

    The baby shampoo is incredible. My friends love it too. It is really good for fine hair which I have.

  37. MaryBeth I

    I LOVE the all in one wash. Used it on my little two. It was so great to have a shampoo and body wash in one. There was another brand of baby lotion/wash that I tried a couple of other product lines – I could NOT stand the scent of it and another one that I just did not like as much. I ended up only using Johnson’s

  38. michelle

    I love their head to toe foaming wash! Their products are great. I also like their calming line.


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